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Michal Zietara

On his facebook page, the 27 year old DJ with origins in Poland wrote about himself “Michal Zietara is frozen around 1758 and 1985 thawed son of Mozart”. He is also writing about himself, that he “is quite a subtle and colorful glossy magazine”. As you see, this guy who has his residency in Ingolstadt’s Suxul Club and who is part of the collective WupWup family (all links down below), is quite humorful and at the same time dedicated to vinyls. Today we are proud to publish our 7questions and 7answers interview with Michal, a friend of ours, who was so kind to tell us in detail more about his passion to music. We deeply recommend all of you to catch him on one of his gigs in Ingolstadt, Vienna, Munich, Berlin or elsewehre!

Enjoy Zietara &  Späk NK Doasdhouse:


Michal, what passion drives your music?

Music makes me feel. It depends in which mood I am. While I listen to music, Iam  getin’ totally lost of reality. It doesn´t matter how tired or how destroyed I am because of the night before, music is my drug who wakes me up. Nothing goes without the beat.

Would you tell us what type of music  you are  following personally?

In the beginning was Jack, then in my childhood my older brother and my cousin gave me sound I didn’t know before – sound which makes me moving from the beginning till the end. Everytime I’m waiting for a new tape, compilation or a brand new mixtape of a friend or DJ for my brother. That was electronica in different genres. For that time, I followed this 4/4 beat.Punkrock I need for me and my bicycle to throw all aggressions down. There I take my whole power until I’m totally exhausted. This is the way to charge new energy for the nightlife. Biking plus Punkrock = Passion. In wintertime, if I cruise on pists, I am always listening to r Hip Hop (he is smiling). While hiking in the mountains I like the silence. There you hear nothing. No car, no train, no conversations, nothing! Only your breath or the wind. 

And when you are playing in a club, what do you want the audience to listen the most in your music?

Dance, smile, a good time on the dancefloor, friendship, not thinking about tomorrow and to get lost in my music or set. I know that so many DJ´s are telling the same in several blogs, magazines or interviews, but it´s true! During this special moment while you take a small rest with the crowd in the breaktime you feel the energy between you and the dancers – them and me. When a DJ has the feeling “yes they want more and more”, it’s enough incentive. You see the crowd, you feel the blizzards skip. They give you some signes like a eyewink a clap, a thumbs up, a nod. They feel that you´re in a real hot rotation. A good DJ knows his vinyls. So he knows when it is the right time for the big bang. Sometimes I feel like a positive soldier with my vinyls as weapons of mass destruction, destroying bad energies and switching it in handsup screaming (break over, bass on). I think, good DJs are good dancers, because they´re rythmfull. In the end of a clubnight when the light goes on, a nice applause and a high5 from smiling guests reward everything.

If you think about one track that reminds you of your childhood, what would it be?

For sure, a big reminder in my childhood are the 14-18 hour long cardrives to the completly rest of my family to Poland. The Casettedrive in hot rotation with: Boney M, Roxette, Pet Shop Boys, Eurodance, Dr. Alban, Headoway, 2Unlimited and J.

Could you describe your music in one word:


Wlr: Hehehe, we like that expression!

One of our last questions: What is the inspiration that drives you, if you write one of your songs?


Finally, can you tell us one experience about your music career which was extraordinary for you?

Searching my brother and my cousin on mtv and viva at the Loveparade 12h long. 

Thank you very much Michal for spending so much time on this! ❤

Please—do yourself a solid—check out his soundcloud/ facebook/homepage of suxul, tanzen ist auch sport and the wupwup family and listen to his other tracks!

►► Repeat Pls. ℒove//Y

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