S O H N // Lessons


“lessons” is a meditation on mistake. a metaphor as moodscape that pulses and ascends in cycles—rinses and repeats. but exactly what manner of betrayal is vowed to be unbroken, we’re never told.

vienna-by-way-of-london’s S O H N is required listening for self-professed fans of darkwave, sadwave, or any other musical typifier of melancholy-with-a-beat. given the involved, hybrid title of producer/multi-instrumentalist, it’s understandable his released works, since 2012, amount to not much more than a fresh and beautiful EP. and yet bitterwseet tracks like “the wheel“ belie both his limited tenure and profile.

you can find more from S O H N on his soundcloud. and follow us on facebook to stay up on the latest from wlr.



wlr-founder // 27, London

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