Interview: Robosonic // The-Edge-OFF036

Behind Robosonic are two musicians based in Berlin, Sacha Robotti and Cord Henning Labuhn. They’re not only a duo, but also very successful solo artists, and their music propably makes you want to dance.  Following the popular “Worst Love” they recently released “Over” and “The Edge” for their latest EP, Over the Edge. When you listen to their tracks (by the way they also have a track called “Yasmin”) you fall in love with the good vibes and inspiration they’re celebrating, finding yourself pressing the repeat button again and again. We’re really happy that Cord and Sacha agreed to our 7 questions, which you can read below plus also listen to their track “The Edge – Off036″. Thank you very very much Cord & Sacha! ♥

Hi, Cord. Hi, Sacha. We are very happy to get 7 answers to our questions from you. So let’s start.

What passion drives your music?

Sacha: I HAVE to make, play, dream of music otherwise I go crazy or simply become unhappy like a dog that’s not taken for a walk.

Cord: Same same. I’d rather say my passion for music drives me. I have a certain rapture for processing creative ideas into final products. Whenever something is done, I realize there is still all that other and better stuff I always wanted to form.

What type of music are you following personally?

Sacha: I listen to all kinds of music of from all kinds of genres! Be it hip hop, electronic music, classical, jazz, rock, abstract stuff, whatever. I also listen to a lot of music I don’t necessarily like (ranging from anything like pop you hear on the radio to Beatport top100) so I know what works and what doesn’t work for me when I produce a track. I‘m very fond of music from the 90s, like ghettotech, bootyhouse, jungle, hip hop, techno, house, garage all that kind of stuff from when I was a teenager.

Cord: I’m up for whatever. Right now I’m digging music suitable for states of high concentration or low physical energy – up to sleep. In my early youth I was into subversive punk and aggressive guitar music, right now I’m rather touched by a sweet song. A turning point for me as a musician was the discovery of hiphop music and the concept of sampling to create a new rhythm or emotion, or even a lyrical statement by referencing other seconds of music history. I’m definitely rap infused and maybe that taught me a lesson in 60s/70s soul and other stuff from before I was born.

What do you want the audience to listen to the most in your music?

Sacha: As a producer, I guess the basic thing I want our audience to be, is open to our music and music in general. Not to think in boxes of genres, subgenres, or what’s cool and trendy and what’s not.. at the end it’s just music. Stop thinking, listen to it, dance if you like, have your own thoughts and opinions.. The people we get along well with the most, are the open ones!

As a club DJ, I want to take my audience on a journey on which they can forget the time and their worries, jump around, get goose bumps, switch off their brains, scream and shout, make friends, look for love or find an affair.. things like that!

Cord: Word up. As club DJs we have that function. As musicians we hopefully don’t stop to surprise the audience and ourselves… Even though sometimes you have to be at least a little predictable for a while to work on that professional level..

Sacha:  …you mean that charming music industry term they call “signature sound”? Like when you listen to a track without knowing who made it and you go “these guys here, Robosonic must have made it”?

Well, yeah. I’d say being recognizable as an artist in the digital flood of music is a great achievement. Just now I was rather thinking of us releasing a stream of records in a certain format due to style and dancefloor functionality. So for example if you‘d want to pay us to produce a remix you‘d expect to NOT receive something that totally goes out of the frame you have in mind when you think of our music. If one day as an artist you can‘t surprise with quality anymore, you should make sure that the quality becomes the predictable feature… This is when you reclaim the freedom to surprise artistically, against all odds of the market.

If you think about one track that reminds you of your childhood, what would it be?

Sacha: You’re explicitly saying “childhood,” right? Then that’ll have to be “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saens, for cello and piano. I couldn’t bear to listen to it as a 5 year old, it made me so sad I had to cry!

Cord: Hm, “El condor pasa” played by myself on a cheap keyboard for a greasy teacher in that basement, where I’d rather hide a kidnapped person than offering music lessons to a group of 7 year olds. Scary. It took a while then until South American folk music would hit my heart. While living in Argentina a few years ago I finally hooked with the Tango and now I sometimes play the accordion of my mum.

If you describe your music with one word, what would it be?

Sacha: Undogmatic.

Cord: That’s one word.

What is the inspiration that drives you when writing? 

Cord: Impossible for me to answer. Inspiration is all around. You’re looking for a way to channel negative and positive energy, experience and your personal taste into quality tunes. Sometimes it works. If not, I normally don’t share that with a public.

Sacha: Life probably? Emotions, situations, thoughts, sounds that get stuck in my head and need to be dealt with musically.

Can you tell us one experience about your music career which was extraordinary for you?

This year has been extraordinary so far, on all fronts: the music, the friendships, the gigs among many more things.. there were also not so great times, like in 2008 when we almost quit this whole hustle due to severe health and financial reasons, but it was a great experience nonetheless because it brought us closer together and streamlined our working processes. Also, playing on the Turmbühne main stage at Fusion Festival 2009 was awesome! It felt like driving an oil tanker. Hm, I’m counting already 3 different experiences here.. there are so many more since we started this in 2005! Right, Cord?

Cord: That’s right, that’s right.

Please—do yourself a solid—check out their site/ their soundcloud/ facebook/ and watch the making off 36 and listen to their podcast  and other songs.

►► Repeat Pls. ℒove//¥

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