Otto Feat. Bebel Gilberto // Bob (Edu K Remix)

ayrton senna

eighteen years since his tragic and untimely passing, the heroic figure of brazilian formula 1 champion ayrton senna continues to inspire hearts and minds. through homages in popular culture – in music (delorean, norberto lobo) and as the subject of a 2011 documentary film, senna – his story, far beyond the realm of competitive auto racing, has captured imaginations among artists and fans alike.

back in october, decca records digitally released the soundtrack to the doc, with tracks from nação zumbi, os mutantes, and original compositions by antontio pinto. but one cut from the score sadly missing from the tracklist was a recreative remix of otto’s “bob” by brazillian producer edu k (edward dornelles), something fittingly beautiful for senna’s exalted life and legacy.

first seeing the film last fall, we were completely spellbound. watching it again tonight, we were inspired to share something of it with you. let’s feel together.


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