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Nils Hoffmann

The duo “Boy“, two Indiegirls from Hamburg and Zürich published their slow track “Railway” in 2011. The 16 years old young artist Nils, a DJ and producer from Berlin, managed to remix this song with a danceable beat – we really liked and wanted to share with you. Therefore we asked Nils to join our 7 questions and 7 answers series. While there isn’t much to research about him around the web we  luckily got the chance to worm some informations out of Nils. Enjoy his answers below and dance to his awesome track!

Enjoy the Railway edit of Nils Hoffmann:


Nils, what passion drives your music?                                                                                                                                                                                         

I’m doing music since I am 6 years old and because of this it’s a really important part in my life. I have the feeling I’m addicted to making music, because it fascinates me and it makes a lot of fun! (he is smiling)

What type of music are you following personally?                                                                                                                                                                           

I am huge fan of Deep House but I’m listen to Indie Rock, Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop too.

Tell us what do you want the audience to listen the most in your music? 

I think most of Dance Music is a bit heartless and gets a bit boring after a while. So I’m trying to put some emotions in my tracks, which are not that cheesy and keep the track interesting.

So, if you think about one track Nils, that reminds you of your childhood, what would it be? 

I think that’s Mattafix – Big City Life.

If you describe your music with one word, what would it be?


What is the inspiration that drives you, if you write one of your songs? 

Mostly tracks from other artitsts. When I heare a sequence, which sounds interesting, I want to do something similar. Playing drums or piano can be also very inspiring. When I find a good groove or nice chords, I put it al together in the VST.

Can you tell us one experience about your music career which was extraordinary for you?

I think this was my gig in Basel in in June, the people were enthusiastic about the music and I never had such an outstanding atmosphere in a club!

We also like his track “Bosporus” and recommend to listen to it as well as one year ago published “Balloons“.

► Thank you very much Nils! We really appriciate it! ►

Please—do yourself a solid—check out his soundcloud/ facebook and listen to the other tracks of Nils!

►► Repeat Pls. ℒove//Y

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