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Awwwwww – slow step to the left, slow step to the right. Minute 1:23 beat. 1:32 shake. 3:19 move! This is L/O/V/E in slowmotion!

Movement, a trio from Sydney, has been announced at the best new music on Pitchfork. Dave Ma, director of Movement’s video, visualised the heartbreaking story of trust within the context of East LA gang culture. Bright vocals within R&B context are very well mixed to transport a flaweless sound of darkness which makes moving your heart and your feet.


And for those who can’t open the video in their country:

Please—do yourself a solid—check out Movementsound , their soundcloud or  facebook and listen to more love!

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►► Repeat Pls. With ℒove from ℒondon//Yasemin

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