Manuel Göttsching // E2 – E4


Some weeks ago I have had the pleasure of getting to know a musician who is seen as the “Gottfather, who created techno by accident” (The Wire, Aug. ´13): Manuel Göttsching

In 1981 he recorded a tune, in need of good music for a trip from his city Berlin to Hamburg. The result was an hour long piece called “E2-E4″ featuring repeating beats accompanied by bells, guitars (check 31′ min) and keyboards. Made possible by early sequencers (MIDI), E2-E4 has inspired artists such as Kraftwerk, Lindstrøm, LCD Soundsystem and more. Having turned 25 in 2006, E2-E4´s anniversary was celebrated in the famed Berghain, where you are able to see some footage below.

When you listen to it, you will wonder why you actually know that tune: It is because it got sampled so often!

As we have the Red Bull Music Academy Radio popped up in a café right in the heart of Berlins Wrangelstr. for a month, I was able to listen and watch an interview with Manuel Göttsching which was streamed today. For those of you who have missed it, FACT interviewed the godfather of techno last week:

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