Kenton Slash Demon // Daemon

While recently searching for the Miike Snow-esque, electro-pop of When Saints Go Machine, I came across Kenton Slash Demon – Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton – from Copenhagen, Denmark … and these last days have been some wonderful accident, listening to their amazing tracks, keyed up on repeat without respite.

So I started looking for more info on KSD, landed on their record label Tartelet, and come to find Silas and Jonas later formed half of WSGM (surprise! no surprise.), but have kept on bulding Kenton as a separate project. Although they’re not super prolific these days, they’ve gained a lot of attention on the strength of a [far too] few, excellent pieces.

A pair of deep house cuts, filled with dramaturgical rhythm …

“Daemon” could re-animate a corpse

►► Repeat Pls. ℒove//Y

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