Jai Paul // Str8 Outta Mumbai

even four months later, it’s difficult to understand how anyone’s talking about anything else happening in music… jai paul’s mystifying april 2013 ‘leak’ has to be the sleeper record of the digital age, and the man behind it makes a convincing case for its most enigmatic artist. it’s not so much that his music is inaccessible; it’s just nearly unavailable … save for three instances—2011′s “BTSU,” 2012′s “jasmine,” and then the 16 tracks that may or may not have been his debut album.

given all this, it’s not surprising that on the mysteriously satisfying “str8 outta mumbai,” a relentless, punjabi banger, soaked in 90′s R&B haze, the london mc manages to sample vani jairam’s 1977 “bala main bairagan hoongi,” scarface’s tony montana, and what sounds like an atari 2600. do paul’s antics amount to little more than a hype play? who cares. BANG. THIS. SHIT.

please—do yourself a solid—check out his website and listen to his other tracks!

►► Repeat Pls. ƒ

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