Gotye // State Of The Art

“Ah! I see you wiping away a tear, simply beholding the power of these extravagant words and phrases to express the totality of my music; its passion, its invention, its sheer life-altering brilliance.”

Gotye (pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”), also known as Wouter “Wally” De Backer, who lives in Melbourne but having origins in Brügge, Belgium, calls himself a music-making mutant. We already know him from his popular danceable tracks “Somebody that I used to know” feat. Kimbra or “Eyes wide open”.

The song State of The Art, already published 8 months ago and still one of my favorite tracks, is from Gotye’s album “Making Mirrors” and this is what you will hear: Lowrey Cotillion choir, banjo, genie bass, custom flute presets, diapason, orchestral symphonizer, magic swing piano, drums, percussion, guitar and synth samples, topped by lead and backing vocals.

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