Giangrande // Paper Plane

Took me round on a paper plane
and as night turned to day
nothing would ever be the same
for there’s a price to pay..( paper plane)

This is the most beautiful video I have seen for ages! Beautiful drawings, likable characters… You can see every stroke of the crayons!

Felicita Sala is an italian illustrator befriended with the musician Massimo Giangrande. Massimo played a rough version of this song to her at a dinner, where she took a video of it. Listening to the song over and over again, she thought up the lyrics and it became part of his album. When it came to making a video to the song, another friend came up with the idea of having Felicitas character “old Eli” as the main character accompanied by the turtle, the bear and the rabbit as sidekicks. In total it took two month for the video to be done, as you can see in the making of:

I totally adore both the video and the song! Enjoy your cosy sunday!

Check out the Giangrandes Facebook & Felicita Salas beautiful illustrations on her blog and stay tuned for more!

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