FREE Vondelpark Gig in London, 31 January 2014

Exciting news: What do you want more than a free Vondelpark Gig in London, 31 January 2014?


Origin, Label, Style//  Vondelpark, (Randsrecords, R&S), London,

Where// Ace Hotel Basement, 9pm – 3 am, Facebook-Event

We think// This is a perfect opportunity to see them live. Get dreamy. Plus we are still in love with California Analog Dream

Trivia// Last published album “Seabed”, April 2013

Vondelpark Social// Vondelpark Facebook, Vondelpark Soundcloud, Vondelpark Twitter

► Repeat Vondelpark//Seabed

See you there, Yasemin

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wlr-founder // 27, London

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