Ezra de Zeus // Wetlands

It was a scandal!


When former MTV-VJ & actress Charlotte Roche released her novel “Wetlands – Feuchtgebiete” in 2008, it shot straight on top of all bestseller lists. It is all about puberty, discovering ones body, shaving intimate parts, hemorrhoids… Stuff you actually would love to ignore, but you can not really look the other way.

Anyways, although everyone said this novel could, and hopefully would, never be turned into a movie, it was! And it is a huge success! There are two simple reasons for it: the great director and the loveable and perfectly casted actress Carla Juri. The movie shows you just enough to keep your mind busy and still gives you a lighthearted feeling.

Walking out of the cinema the other day (some friends still can´t forgive me for me watching that movie and even loving it), I had the theme song completely stuck in my head. As I wanted to post it, I realized that it had no release… until today!!!

So here we go with Ezra de Zeus Wetlands, a beautiful piece of music by an artist I can´t find anything out about. Follow her on facebook though! Listen to the lyrics and you will get a sense of the movie!

And so you know what I am talking about – the trailer:


Please—do yourself a solid—check out Ezras facebook and stay tuned for more!

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