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We already mentioned Jan Hammele who calls himself “egokind” in our interview on Puls Radio, a munich based radiostation. We also got fascinated by his track soley-pretty faces in March, recommendable!! This young guy who is based in Berlin is one of the newcomers of Kallias and propably one of this years great new artists! We love repeat couldn’t hide egokind in our 7 questions and 7 answers series! He is 22 years old and already playing in Germanys gratest electronical clubs. Egokinds new track , published by today is called “Gitte Verführt ” (Gitte seduces) and still available for free download (so hurry!). This track is again very danceable and smooth. We love it!



Jan’s smooth sound of music makes you want to dance and dream – and this is what he exactly wants to let you feel as you can read in this interview below:

Jan tell us what passion drives your music? 

Well, that’s probably the music itself. There’s just nothing else on this little planet, that makes me that happy.

What type of music are you following personally?

Personally, I don’t listen to that much club music at home. Somehow I just cannot relax and just enjoy electronic music because I always start to analyze it and try to find out how a certain sound was made or how the groove works. I’m a huge fan of the alternative bands from the late 80s and early 90s such as ‘Sonic Youth‘ or ‘Dinosaur Jr‘. Besides that, I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, well-written songwriter music and also a lot of classical music.

Tell us what do you want the audience to listen the most in your music? 

Every listener is totally free to interpret a track in his own and personal way. This openness is something very special about electronic music. Something I really like is to combine both music and sound design to create some kind of deepness and strange or unnatural athmospheres. There’s always lots of stuff going on in the backround. There’s the main song you hear at first, but I like it when a track has more layers behind this obvious dance or beat part.I record nearly everything, that makes some kind of noise and try to merge it with the musical or percussive aspects of a track. For example, the sound of water, distorted wind, reversed breathing or crackling paper is far more complex than any synthesizer can ever be. These days, a digital software can give you nearly indefinite possibilities of creating and manipulating sound. I just can’t understand some people, who refuse to accept the technical progress of music production. In my opinion the digital world is a great gift.

If you think about one track that reminds you of your childhood, what would it be? 

That would be an Elliott Smith song, probably ‘Needle In The Hay‘. I spent one whole year listening to nothing else but his records. Every song has this special melancholic feel to it, even if the melodies, chords and lyrics don’t sound that sad at all.

If you describe your music with one word, what would it be?


What is the inspiration that drives you, if you write one of your songs? 

Well, I can’t exactly tell where the inspiration comes from but luckily it’s always there.

Can you tell us one experience about your music career which was extraordinary for you?

It’s hard to reduce all the experiences to a specific one. Every gig is different and special in its own way. You get to meet new people and experience really funny and weird situations every weekend. The first time playing my own tracks in a club was great, exciting and something totally new for me. The years before I had only been playing in a punk band and never had any relations to the club world. It felt strange to stand behind a mixer instead of a microphone or guitar amp, but I really started loving it.

Thank you Jan for your time! ♥

Please—do yourself a solid—check out his soundcloud/ facebook and listen to the other tracks of this awesome artist!

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