DENA // Games – Studio 62

This girl is blowing your mind with coolness, RnB, Hip-Hop and folklore vibes!

Denitza Todorova, native Bulgarian, lives in Berlin since seven years. This kicking girl is calling herself DENA and is propably well known for her Hip-Hop admirable dancable tracks mixed up with folklore  like “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools“. Sometimes she reminds me on our turkish/german version of Santigold “Ebow“ about whom I posted couple of months ago on wlr.

After listening to a mixtape from YNTHT (You need to hear this) called DENA I just found this amazing live recording of her song “Games” for the Projet Studio 62 which is based in the heart of São Paulo, close to the effervescent music scene of Rua Augusta where the photographer Rafael Kent has shot hundreds of artists in. In this video she is totally different from what you see in the web flying around of her.

►► Repeat Pls. With ℒove from ℒondon//Yasemin

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