Chromatics // Kill For Love


kill for love is the fourth studio album from portland’s chromatics, who, over the course of a decade, have moved further and further from the punk rock roots of their gsl days. on kill, we find the core duo of johnny jewel (the only remaining original member) and singer ruth radalet refining the italo disco of 2007′s night drive, whilst picking up a few more tricks to present a seventeen-track, future gazing opus that is dark, cold, moody and romantic – or, in a word, new order-esque. what i consider the record’s high point, the trifecta of “kill for love”, “back from the grave” and “the page” (trk’s 2-4), absolutely shimmers in dreamy, echoing keys: there are swirling, indie-rock guitars; spacey, oscillating synths; octave-jumping bass; a punchy, programmed meter; and radalet’s soft, doe-eyed sentiments. preview my record of the year (thus far) in its entirety here.



wlr-founder // 27, London

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