Bis Boys Please (engl. “Repeat Boys Please”), are two DJ’s from Cascais, their home 30 km from Lisbon. Throughout their passion in surfing Afonso (23) and Tomás (21) became an electro duo three years ago. They like to rave at Berlin’s famous club Berghain and already won an Oskar in their hometown. Bis Boys Please’  next track will be released for Sinnmusik (Livebroadcasting channel) on 

November the 8th. Weloverepeat had the chance to had a little chat with Afonso and Tomás about their nightlife, the serious stuff they do in the real world and their last night…

Yasemin: Hi guys, great to have you here! How was your weekend?

Afonso: Good, our friends from London “King of Rats” had their EP Release Party yesterday! It was really cool, a small party just for a couple of friends, about 100 people raving, dancing and chilling.

Tomás: I think there were more foreigners than Portuguese people…

Yasemin: So there is party going on in your little village…actually I was thinking if it isn’t a bit boring…because  Cascais is not that big I guess, with 35000 habitants. How can I imagine my life there as a DJ?

Oh, Cascais is near Lisbon, like 30 km away, 

we mostly go out in Lisbon and since we have a beach near Cascais, it is the best place to live
for us.

Yasemin: Ok, but if you had one wish free to live in a bigger city…where would it be?

Afonso: hm, it depends…

Yasemin: aha, on what?

Afonso: If I would do the DJ life or not.. kinda…hm, difficult to answer this…

Tomás: Rio de Janeiro or NYC

Afonso: Yea, same answer
! – But I also really love Berlin and Paris although it’s quite far from the sea, so…

Yasemin: Yes, understand. You would miss the surfer’s life haha. Did you ever went clubbing in Berlin?

Both: Yes!

Afonso: Berghain for life, haha!

Yasemin:  Berghain, I see! Yeah it’s crazy, right?

Afonso: Yes! I went to a 5 day nonstop rave at Sisyphos, the decoration of the place is amazing. I paid 10€ and I could go to the party or go to sleep at home if I wanted to, and then return.

Yasemin: You told me that you are currently studying law Afonso and Tomás you are working in the investment banking sector in Lisbon…how does this comes together with the night life you are involved? Work hard, party harder?

Afonso: Hm, I really love to party, but of course not all the time. Yesterday for instance we didn’t party that hard because I had to study today
 and Tomás needed to work on a project. But like everyone in our age, sometimes we have our party moments, you know…

Yasemin: Below our interview here, I would like to publish “Aquarela” since it is my favourite track of your EP “Le Debut de Tout” – when I listen to your other track “Oscar was right” I was wondering if you want to tell us the story about Oscar?

Afonso: Sure! 2 years ago we received an Oscar for best revelation DJ – and then we made this track and we thought that the Oscar was right. The Oscar is from a club that in that time was the place where people of Universities went out. Now, that club doesn’t exist anymore, it’s a restaurant I believe and to be honest, we didn’t like that club that much.

Yasemin: Haha why, they gave you the Oscar, isn’t that great enough?

Afonso: Yea…but they were always complaining with us, for instance about the loudness of the sound or because of the music…because we aren’t the typical commercial DJ’s of our age
 here in Portugal, you know…

Yasemin: So guys, I would love to see you in London! You are under contract with Mellow Management. Do they have plans for you guys to come over?

Tomás: Yes we are…hm, we hope so! Mellow Management has friends in London so I hope it will happen some day.

Afonso: Awww…yes, maybe in the near future. We would love to play in London for sure.

Yasemin: Guys, it was a pleasure spending time together. Any recommendations what I should listen after “Aquarela”?

Tomás:I just discovered this song two days ago but have been listening it a lot … Maya Jane Coles – What they say (Dyed Soundroom Remix) and Moby – “Lie Down in the Darkness” (Photek Remix)!

Afonso: You should listen to Mano Le Tough – “Primative People” (Tale of Us Remix) and “Locked Groove” – “Dream Within A Dream”.

Yasemin: I will. Thanks again and love to Cascais!

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