Banks music, been classified into electropop, reminds me on one of those singers you hear in the radio, enjoying the soft kind heart touching music, but if you wouldn’t have Shazam – you would propably forget her within the next couple of hours.

I would rather not recommend to watch one of her girlie soft dreamy pop videos. They totally disappointed my imagination of her and classified Banks into one of these hipster wannabe categories.

That’s why I am very happy, I first bumped on this pretty brownish girl from LA, only on Soundcloud, where you can contencrate on her soft and smooth baby voice which totally lulls you with gooseflesh and the need of love.


Please—do yourself a solid—check out Bank’s soundcloud or  facebook and listen to more love!

you feel. we share.

►► Repeat Pls. With ℒove from ℒondon//Yasemin

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