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Are these guys crazy? Yes, they probably are! But in such a lovely way that you really really have to know/follow/listen/watch them. Atomic Dreams, a duo founded 2011 in London while having a so called “Business Trip”, and now allotted over Berlin and Barcelona – “perfectly positioned for the european market” (actual quote by R.B.!) – giving themselves the names: Eddie P. and Roman Burgundy! These guys are producing, writing and filming everything by themselves! If Romy and Eddie  dream about something – they realize it! So they did with their first single called “Spring, Love, Champagne” filmed with a GoPro driving through a tiny village  in the south of Germany. For me they are comparable to Justin Timberlakes Motherlover, or the German duo Modern Talking and the boys from Lonely Island. Although comparing them with oldschool and prepstyle bands they are different and found a little spot in the music scene for themselves. WLR is very happy to have them in our 7questions + 7answers series which they answered really detailled. Enjoy!

Hi guys, you might know our questions already – so lets start with the first: what passion drives your music?

Eddie P.: Well I for myself have a passion for entertaining people. My family and friends will agree that this might be my secret talent. I am more an entertainer than a musician. I mean of course am I connected to music and got the standard musical education: „Blockflöte“, school choir and guitar, but when looking back, i was never very passionated about it. It changed when I started to collect vinyls,  mainly punkrock music and my first gig as a „DJ“ was back to back with my best friend playing hardcore and punkrock music. I later worked at the local record store and got more into electronic music and somehow ended up playing as „ EDGAR RAKETE“ at local parties, most of the time organized by ourselves. At some point I got totally bored by myself and especially the music I was playing because there was no fire in my heart anymore for that kind of stuff and it  somehow felt wrong. So I started to get more into what I always call „80s-Techno“ and that‘s what‘s making my booty shaking right now. Roman somehow felt the same and in a combo we have the passion to entertain people even better, to the max, so to speak. So we started making a video for a our first gig as ATOMIC DREAMS and there was so much energy in it that we just had to do more stuff like that. Because it seems to be our passion!!

Roman Burgundy: That‘s right, we actually started Atomic Dreams because we couldn‘t be the „Intersex Express“, but that‘s another story! The thing is, we just love the 80s. I mean fashion wise, this was the golden era. There were no rules at all, same for the music. Our music came very much along with the desire to produce a music video in the 80s style, because we felt to actually give something back to society. Everything so far was mainly driven by brilliant ideas we came up while trash talking in the gym or cruising around in my car. I also got a similar music education like Eddie, but of course way more intense. Starting with Glockenspiel-Lessons at early stage, getting into Blockflöte (A-Pitch) as well and after earning my laurels, I was finally ready to move to the piano. Of course also two years as tenor in the school choir didn‘t pass without impact. And if you listen very closely, all those elements can also be found in our music today.

Thanks for your long answers, so next we would love to know what type of music are you following personally?

Eddie P.: I always say „80s-Techno“ but what I secretly mean is Italo Disco House. I already got a crush for it five years ago and at the moment it feels like an old love returning home.

Roman Burgundy: For me its all about simplicity, fine beats and emotions. I love Operas the same way I love Dubstep, and Techno the same as some Oldschoolrap.

Roman, if you think on your audience, what do you want them to listen to the most in your music? 

Roman Burgundy: The underlying message is: You only live once, we are awesome and „Gute Laune“! A german expression which actually could never been translated properly. Basically it means keep smiling because society wants you to. Our songs are quite deep and full of social criticism, thats what we want to be recognized.

Eddie what would you say? 

Eddie P.: To make a long story short: LIFE is live!

And if you two think about one track that reminds you of your childhood, what would it be?

Eddie P.: Well, that’s easy! No Limit by 2Unlimited! We had this killer performance dance at our „Mode, Musik und Tanz AG“ back in the 90‘s at primary school. We really nailed it. I will never forget the feeling of being the front row dancer on stage. I also was the moderator of the event of course.

Roman Burgundy: Of course…! One of the tracks that always reminds me of my childhood, especially of me and my sister doing playback in the garden, is „Nothing compares to you“ by Sinead O‘Connor. I still love this track with her strong voice and this late 80s style vibe. The voice of O’Connor I mean, not the one of my sister… Anyway, whenever I hear it, I start singing. Of course all the music came from my parents as all my pocket money went into sweets. So other influential bands where also Pink Floyd and Supertramp. The only two bands my Dad was regularly listening to…until today!

Impressive, hehe. And if you have to describe your music with one word, what would it be?

Eddie P.: Sugar!

Roman Burgundy: Globalness = Global Awesomeness!

Guys, what is the inspiration that drives you, if you write one of your songs? 

Eddie P.: Well it is no big secret anymore that I am very very talented in writing poems and even better in talking. So as long as I got the better stories I consider myself as our inspiration. And of course we get inspiration from the very special and extremely loaded atmosphere in our record studio I am creating constantly. Don‘t we honey?

Roman Burgundy: Well…that and your constant modesty I guess! Whatever, but inspiration, for me, mainly comes from nature. The pure and nice things that surround us, but those that we have lost the connection to. Like trees or clouds, you know? I mean, most people don‘t even know what a terrific tropical beach looks like. How it feels to chillax in your sunlounger slurping a gorgeous Pina Coconutta and getting a perfect massatchi before clubbin the shit out of the island. That’s the sick and mentally retarded downside of industrialization, and that’s what I wanna change!

Ok, maybe we shouldn’t ask more about that…Can you tell us one experience about your music career which was extraordinary for you?

Eddie P.: Honestly? The release party of our latest hit was quite a blast!!! OMG!!!  Playing the punk- rock version of “Lucky Lake” (original edit linked) reminded me of the old days. The mysterious Golden Ages of Punk Rock Music. It wasn‘t about music back than it was about expressing yourself. That’s what it should be about! Independence! ART! Fuck the music!!!

Roman Burgundy: That and when we saw Phil Collins at the same Terminal in Berlin. I just felt sooo celebretized!

Atomic Dreams…do you have anything to add on? One last question!?

Eddie P.: Content is King!

Roman Burgundy: Keep Dreamin!

Enjoy their first hit Spring, Love, Champagne – produced and filmed with a GoPro by their own:

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