5 Events to Check out in Toronto

5 events to visit toronto

Located just north of the New York state border, Toronto has a vibrant music scene with amazing artists stopping through on east coast tours headed either west to California or east to Europe. Focus Fridays at the Hoxton has showcased a number of incredible artists, as evident by this list.

While most of these artists need no introduction, lesser known artists like Mr Carmack from Hawaii and Sweater Beats from Brooklyn have been taking over the beat scene by force. Blending sexy RnB vocals from classic artists like Aaliyah, Ciara, and Beyonce with bass heavy dancey beats, they are not to be missed. Vancouver native Cyril Hahn has been a standout for sometime but his sound just never seems to get old.  Gui Boratto’s live set should also prove quite excellent. With a huge range of sounds spanning from soft dreamy vocals to hard four-to-the-floor tech, the live instruments will really make the show stand out.  Here are a few choice selections to whet your appetite.

1) Friday, March 21- Cyril Hahn and Digitalism @ The Hoxton

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2) Friday, March 28- Gui Boratto (live) with Elefantz, Nature of Music, Terrence Kissner @ Coda

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3) Friday, April 11- Mr. Carmack & Sweater Beats with Djemba Djemba @ The Hoxton (this show is on its way east after blowing up huge in its west coat leg)

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4) Saturday, April 12- Tycho @ The Hoxton

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5) Monday, May 19- Chet Faker @ The Hoxton

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► See you there beatheads! Patrick from Toronto

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