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we.love.repeat is a blog without genre boundaries. It is the special feeling that entices you to press the repeat button again and again because the smooth sounds of a track shackle you so deeply. It is the never-ending wheel of repetition. This blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas from around the globe with different cultures, countries and tastes coming together to love.repeat.

weloverepeat team

Yasemin  - Founder & Director                      Kilian – Co Director                        Patrick – Blogger                           Gabo + Leo – Blogger                           @yaseminvollmond                                       @vonDallwitz                                 @weloverepeat                                    @TGSCmusic                                electronic – 27, Munich                            alternative – 27, Berlin                   rnb, soul – 26, Toronto                    indie – 28, Buenos Airesweloverepeat.team

    Yassin – Blogger                                      Christina - Marketing + PR                   Alma  – Analyst                                  You - Musicnerd                   @weloverepeat                                                    @camal10387                                 @weloverepeat                       hello@weloverepeat.com          electronic – 26, London                                house – 27, London                           rock – 18, London                             tell us your passion