Heavy Rotation September 2011

like a blackballed junkie cut-off from her next fix, i’ve yet to come across—and perhaps haven’t been looking hard enough for—my own latest wlr obsession. in the meantime, the following artists have kept me reasonably infatuated.

more fight music (read: on-a-run or at-the-gym music) from gangsta rap’s bastard son. if you can get over game’s incessant whining for cred, when he’s on, he’s on. the standout among the the record’s early peak—tracks 2 thru 4—has got to be “martians v. goblins” feat. tyler the creator and (barely) lil’ wayne. consider his on-going case for hip-hop ascendency here.



pretty much a no brainer after 2008′s next-leveling saturdays=youth. on hurry up, anthony gonzalez and co. offer up more of that ethereal new wave meets dream pop goodness, though, without the same caliber payoff. still, it’s worth listening to at least more than twice. try “intro” feat. the chimerical zola jesus and the unfortunately named “steve mcqueen” here.



the statuesque annie clark appeared on my radar earlier than most, when in 2006 she performed a showcase at a record label i was working at. but it wasn’t until a few years later that, having got my hands on the amazing actor, i really stood up and took notice. consequently, i’ve been looking forward to its follow up for some time. far from disappointing, strange mercy delivers another solid batch of silver-tongued, guitar-nimble indie rock. for my money, “cheerleader” is the one, but you can decide for yourself here.


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