Nicolas Jaar // Don’t Break My Love


in a time of rapid technological change — one wherein ‘here’ and ‘now’ are all that seem to matter anymore — the prospect of a delayed payoff can be more alienating than ever before. “you have 30 seconds to lose my attention” is what were saying to each other. but … just a minute … just a minute … it turns out that good things still really do come to those who wait, or so nicolas jaar would have you believe.

don’t break my love, the a-side of a new ep release from the 21-year-old chilean-american electro minimalist, is an exercise in patience with a huge payoff. the meandering though not unpleasant first five minutes of the track pops and hisses along until 4:52 when — w a i t   f o r   i t — jaar drops one of the hottest downtempo refrains you’re likely to hear all year. to those who wait, we salute you.


wlr-founder // 27, London

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