James Pants // Incantation

das ist so zukunft . . .

i’ll let the times’ ben ratliff, who pretty much kills it, handle the translation on this one: “james pants’s self-titled third album on stones throw slides among dispositions — woozy guitarscapes, octave-jumping disco bass lines, electro, doo-wop, cheap and dated keyboard tinklings, [and] confrontational shouts bobbing in reverb. he’s a disorienting one-man band, playing every instrument, even saxophone, and a record-spinner at heart … there are lots of tunes lodged in this record. the tracks seem to have hidden reserves, pockets within pockets; they develop hooks in weird places. sweetness suddenly emerges out of fuzzy slime, and startling emotions rise from merely cool ones.”

with tracks like darlin, clouds over the pacific, and incantation, you’ll be wont to neglect the rest of your library for some time. so give your ipod a rest, dust off your discman, and keep it on repeat.


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