Unknown Mortal Orchestra // How Can You Luv Me

portland, oregon’s u.m.o have come on the scene in a big way of late since dropping the fuzzy “ffuny ffrends” way back in ’10. with that viral hit, one tour w/ the smith westerns under their belts, another cross-country jaunt soon underway, and now this performance caught by san francisco videographers yours truly—a near-obligatory accolade for rising indie acts these days—if this trio doesn’t appear on your radar sooner or later you might wanna have your antenna checked out, or get some cooler ffrends.

their self-titled debut, released last month on fat possum records, delivers on the repeat-worthy promise of its opening track with eight more endlessly listenable bouncy psych-pop ditties. “how can you luv me” is as good as anywhere to start: meet your summer soundtrack.


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