Fauve // Blizzard

Never heard of them before, but in all the french countries, they seem to pull it off quite good: FR Charts #75.

Consisting of 5 members, they form a collective of artists & musicians producing videos and music, sometimes even up to 15 members. They are intense! If only I could understand all of the words in this version…

Here a comment by Youtube-User “Panda The best”: Le clip, la musique, le texte… C’est juste MAGNIFIQUE!! Enfin une musique qui touche

MAGNIFIQUE, that´s what I think!


Please—do yourself a solid—check out Fauves facebook and stay tuned for more!

►►I´ll keep you posted on the new stuff


Feel free to visit our soundcloud channel to see what we like else or follow us on Facebook.


26, Berlin

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