Crazy White Boy // Ghetto Tech LP


Coming back from 3 month South Africa my suitcase was packed with all sorts of memories in any kind of form: dirty laundry, not really useful souvenirs, amazing pictures… and of course some music! Being in Cape Town I could not resist to go to the African Music Store, which was right next to my hotel. Anyone who is into music must go there and get inspired! African music from folk to modern…

Anyhow, one time I was in a hurry and ran past the store, when I heard this amazing tune! Immediately I went in, asked the owner for the artists name and ran back out again. Later that afternoon I  gave the LP a listen and had to buy it!

Crazy White Boy – Ghetto Tech. This LP is a symbol for the modern SA, full of great artists & parties. Ghetto Tech mostly features talented singer Nonku and shows a broad selection of african instruments paired with amazing house tunes. Check their soundcloud for more.

Get the LP now: iTunes


26, Berlin

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