Cosmo Sheldrake LIVE // Berlin

When you are into music you will always have a playlist of artists in mind, that have inspired your taste and your affection towards music. For me this was Chet Faker for example. As a blogger you are mostly on the “hunt” for the new thing (Sounds perverted, but trust me, you´ll get addicted)! You are keen on screening what is going on in the world and what is worth spreading. When the time arrives that you have found someone, you just want to show as much support as possible: blog, gigs, maybe interviews, likes, favorites… And of course Word Of Mouth, the strongest marketing tool of all! And that is, what I am trying to do here!

I had the chance to see Cosmo Sheldrake play live yesterday in Magnet / Berlin. He was the preact of Johnny Flynn and his band, who Cosmo is part of aswell. Telling from his appearance, he is a very modest person. He tells a little story to each song (“The Moss”, “Rich” & “The Fly”), only has his vinyl single at the merch stand, dresses quite rustic and gives a little smile here and there. While playing he is more than focused, which makes complete sense when you look at the setup of his tracks. What makes him very fanciable is that he is resting in himself. He has a very calming charisma, which shows in his music. He won´t be distracted by what is going on in his enviroment, he just does his thing! And if this “thing” is successful, than this is just a nice add on to what he seems to love doing.

Dear Cosmo, I hope you will achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, I hope you will find and stay on the hunt for new ways to enhance your style, I hope you won´t be demoralized by the music industry and I hope you will britishly stay calm.

That is as much as I can support you!

Cosmo Sheldrake ‘The Fly Part 2′ live on the trap from Gallivant Film on Vimeo.

Cosmo Sheldrake ‘Rich’ – live at the pig sty from Gallivant Film on Vimeo.

Cosmo Sheldrake ‘Prefusify’ – live at the laundrette from Gallivant Film on Vimeo.


26, Berlin

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