Berlin Music Week // Berlin Festival Tune 2013 // Free Download

For the third time in a row, Berlin is presenting the BERLIN MUSIC WEEK.

The days between the 4th and 8th of september will be packed with the Berlin Festival,  New Music Award, First We Take Berlin  Showcase Festival,  Auf Den Dächern Festival, incredible venues, panel discussions, networking and of course new bands!

Berlin at the moment offers everything one needs: musicians, producers, venues, music software companies… The Berlin Music Week brings everyone together. But of course the main spotlight is being taken by the acts! Acts like:

BLUR//BJÖRK//PET SHOP BOYS//FRITZ KALKBRENNER//WHITE LIES//IS TROPICAL and loads and loads and loads and loads more.

Apart from the fact that we are talking about the big players here, I want to introduce the newbies!


We start with


Origin: Hamburg, Germany

Style: Indie-Disco, “Post-Punk”

Tracks you gotta know: “Harm” & “Flex” & “Game Over (Solumun Remix)”

Fun Facts: In their early twenties//David August produces//Berlin Festival Tune 2013 – Free Download

Please—do yourself a solid—check out their soundcloud/facebook and stay tuned for more!

►►I´ll keep you posted on the new stuff and all around the Berlin Music Week


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26, Berlin

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