10 years of German Youth Music 1992-2002

10 years of german youth music


This week I published each day one song of our German Youth series on our weloverepeat facebookchannel.

I recently went to a Backstreet Boys concert – yes, I know this sounds insane – but it kept me remembering our German Youth we lived and the music we grew up with. Back in the days we had boybands we admired. We started with Backstreet Boys, Nsync and stuff, later we followed the first German Hip Hop Bands…when I was 14 RnB became  huge and much much later…the electronic started moving my feet and I am now admiring DJ’s. I recognized that the communication while dancing changed a lot: While screaming and remembering lyrics of bands in our youth, or dancing closely and arm in arm to RnB, we are know starring at one direction to the DJ who is producing electronical sounds with a laptop and some other DJ equipment. Communicationwise I would say, we are more focused on ourselves now. This is not particularly  a bad thing – it is just different: Change is good and keeps you go further!

Here comes my German Youth collection and songs which melted my heart within ten years of growing up – from childrens age in 1992 to teenage and 2002!

1994//#1 Die Prinzen//Alles Nur Geklaut
Blond long haircuts, colourful trash pants, fancy printed shirts….that was the style when I was 7 years old..
Let’s start in 1994, Die Prinzen [a German pop band from Leipzig] published their song “Alles Nur Geklaut”.
Some of us may still know the lyrics.

1994//#2 Lucilectric // Mädchen

Well, we have to stay a bit longer in 1994 for our#germanyouth series…it was just so amazing!
Lucilectric was a Berlin based pop band founded in 1993. They didn’t exsist that long but “Mädchen” [girl] was definitfely a mind blowing track which even reached into the German Top 10. In 1994 the “Mini Playbackshow” was the thing to watch and this is when I first had the chance to listen to “Mädchen”, which has quite sexist lyrics I have to say.

1992// #3 Snap! – Rythm Is A Dancer

Who of you knew that Snap! (founded in 1989) was an Eurodance project of the Frankfurt based producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti → who later partnered up withSven Väth (OFFICIAL)?? In our third series of #germanyouthmusic “Rythm Is A Dancer” made it on my list. After 22 years of listening, I still didn’t get sick of it!

1998// #4 Absolute Beginner//Liebeslied 

The Absolute Beginners were founded in 1991 in Hamburg consisting 6 members. After 3 months 3 members already dropped out of the German Hip Hop band [...]. In 1998 they relaesed “Liebeslied” (Lovesong) which was a major hit and got listed under the top 10 of the German Charts.

1999// #5 Freundeskreis//Mit dir

It was 1999 when the german hiphop band “Freundeskreis” was searching for the perfect match of a singer for ”Mit dir” {with you} and found Joy Denalane who later became frontman Max Herre‘s girlfriend and future wife (sadly they already broke up).
Back in the days “Mit dir” was the perfect song for some romantic evenings…and it still is.

2000// #6 Echt//Junimond

The story of Echt is simply and short: 5 good friends who met in school and founded a schoolband in 1994. Most known hits: “Du trägst keine Liebe in dir”, “Sag mal Weinst du” and “Junimond”. In 2002 Echt {pure} already announced their break up. Even though the band was admired mostly by girls – they never wanted to see themselves as a “boy band”.


2002//#7 Herbert Grönemeyer // Der Weg

Grönemeyers song “The Way” is dedicated to Anna Henkel, Herberts wife who died due to cancer in 1998. They fell in love during the shooting to the movie “Uns reicht das nicht”. Four years after her death Herbert wrote the song “Der Weg” which appeared in 2002 on the Album “Mensch” [human].


xoxo Yasemin

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